Ebook: The Dark Behind The Web

What You Will Find in This eBook

The purpose of this eBook is to explore the darkest and lesser-known side of technology and the Internet. It will be explained how the dark web is browsed and the way websites are created in the Tor network. Topics such as hacking, data security, the impact of the web and artificial intelligence on society and humans will be touched on as well.

The following theories will be supported:
open code is the solution to maintain control of apps and artificial intelligences; misuse of the Internet may facilitate mass control and undemocratic outcomes; no computer system is 100% secure.

This eBook will answer the following questions:
What is the deep web? And the dark web?
How to access the dark web?
What are Tor and Freenet?
Can the Internet be used to manipulate consumers and citizens?
What are the best practices for data security and privacy?
How do cyber attacks occur?
This eBook works both as a manual and an educational book.

Table of Contents:

What You Will Find in This eBook
The Difference Between the Deep Web and the Dark Web
How to Access the Dark Web: Operational Information and Threats
VPN Tunnel
Tor Browser
Anonymous Emailing
Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies
Tumbling Services
Anonymous Shipping
How to Create Dark Web Sites
Biohacking Sites
AI and Work
Malware, Viruses and Other Threats
Cybersecurity Advice
Body sensors
7-passes wipe
35-passes wipe
Hacker and Cypherpunk
Hacking Techniques
Digital Voting

About the Author: Dr. Andrea Gandini with adegree in law, graduated in computer science. He holds a university master’s degree in privacy and data protection and is specialized in coding for lawyer and legal tech. He works in a company where he follows digitalization and administrative automation projects. As an extra-azeidal activity he is a consultant and trainer. In his spare time he dedicates himself to reading and research in the fields of information technology, cryptocurrencies trading and history.

Andrea Gandini è un giurista e programmatore, autore di manuali e saggi. Master di secondo livello in protezione dei dati; perfezionamento in programmazione per giuristi e legal tech; laurea in giurisprudenza; diploma di perito informatico.​​ Responsabile di amministrazione del Personale presso una azienda ove partecipa a progetti di digitalizzazione ed automatismi amministrativi. A livello extra aziendale, svolge occasionali consulenze di office automation e protezione dati. Blog personale: www.dottorgandini.it Il dottor Gandini è autore dei seguenti ebook: Cyberfuture; Il buio oltre il web; Guadagnare con i bitcoin; Cavalca le bolle speculative; Dal CAD al web; Come trovare lavoro e fare carriera in tempo di crisi; Programmatore in 3 giorni. Blog personale: www.dottorgandini.it Progetto: www.normativedatabase.net